Set up your fort with the 'z' key.

Zombie Squares - Survival Game

You arrive home from a day of adventure to find your entire village obliterated by an evil sorcerer. All of the buildings have been reduced to rubble, but curiously there are no bodies to be found. As evening approaches, you find yourself in the crumbled remains of the village church. Suddenly, you hear an otherworldly shriek from a nearby alleyway. Grabbing your sword and shield, you hide amidst the ruins of the church's inner sanctum. A slow, rhythmic scraping noise emanates from the alleyway, but nothing can be seen in the shadows...wait! A grotesque horror emerges from the gloom, an animated corpse twitching its limbs in a bizarre, demented dance. You realize that the evil sorcerer has used his black arts to turn the entire village into an army of bloodthirsty zombies. Terrified, you prepare for a fight, but as the zombie brushes against a piece of the inner sanctum's walls, he shrieks and collapses into a charred heap. It appears as if an ancient holy magic is infused into the walls. You quickly collect a few of the larger chunks of stone and place them in strategic positions around you, as the moans of countless more zombies grow closer.


← ↑ → ↓ - move.

z - lay down "fort" tiles.

Zombies are stupid, and will walk directly into the lethal "fort" tiles that you lay down. Use this to your advantage. Each new day you will have the opportunity to rebuild your fort. On the first few days you will be provided with an additional fort tile. Beware, the zombies will grow hungrier over time.

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